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May 15, 2007 at 05:42 AM

regarding hr function modules


if to read the data from a RT table which of the following function module will be best

. <b>pyxx_read_payroll_result</b> or <b>RP_FILL_WAGE_TYPE_TABLE</b>

what i am doing is i am filling the rgdir table using the function module <b>cu_read_rgdir</b>

as looking at the query you can see i am totally confused in these function modules

can anone please let me know that how i can get data from rt using these function modules coz i am not using ldb PNP in my program and i have got all the data wihtout using it now the only issue left is PF that i can get only from RT TABLE.

if there is any other way also for that please let me know

the wage types for pf are /3f1,/3f2./3f3

if anynobdy can help me in this i can complete rest of the parts by today ..

sorry for disturbing you all have asked too many questions on rt table

please dont mind

just wanted to have a grip on it thats y asking so many queries and thanks for all your replies that you all have given

pelase help me in this last one also:)