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May 15, 2007 at 01:52 AM

Questions on Weblog: Logistic Cockpit Delta Mechanism u0096 Episode 1



1. The entire document(Episode 1) is about V3 Update, the Serializer but if the superior Update mode “Unserialzed V3” discussed Episode 3 replaces the Serializer in earlier version, why the need to even learn about the Serializer? Any reaction to this comment?

2. On page 2 of this document, Roberto had a Fig and 2 paragraphs beneath it.

The para 2 discusses that “V3 collective run” is transferred to the “BW delta queue” from which data is retrieved by means of (delta) requests from BW.

But the para 1 suggests that with “V3 Updates” (the technology for collective update) is first collected in “R3 Update table” before it is transferred to the “interface”.

What interface was he referring to?

3. The two paragraphs appear to be explanations to the figure which shows a flow: “Application Document” to “LIS Comm. Structure” to “Extract Structure” to “Central Delta Mgmt” and to “DataSource”

Strangely, in the Fig, “BW System Delta Queue” did not appear. Where does this “BW System Delta Queue” come in the figure?

Also, is this entire flow obsolete because of the new “Unserialized V3 Update” discussed in Episode 3?

4. If I get it right, V1 Update, V2 Update and V3 Update are processes(or technologies?) being used in the Update Modes: Direct Delta, Queued Delta and Unseriazed V3 Update. Right?

So, regardless of the Update Mode(Direct Delta, Queued Delta and Unseriazed V3 Update) that we are discussing, one of the processes V1 Update, V2 Update and V3 Update will be in the underlining process.

Is this statement valid? Please correct me.