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Serial Number - SD managed only

Jun 29, 2017 at 12:39 PM


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Hi all,

We have a requirement to manage serial number only at the SD level; serial number created and assigned directly in the delivery. The serial number should never be in inventory (WM/IM). We do not want to manage any serial number in warehouse movements.

I have created a new serial no profile in OIS2 :

Z002: ExistReq. uncheched, Category; S, StkCk: No stock validation

This profile has the following procedures:

MMSL SerUsage = 02, EqReq = 01

SDCC SerUsage = 03, EqReq = 01

SDCR SerUsage = 02, EqReq = 01

SDLS SerUsage = 02, EqReq = 01

SDRE SerUsage = 02, EqReq = 01

Serial number is correctly created and assigned in the delivery with status AVLB EDEL.

At PGI, its status is set at ECUS.

However, if the PGI is reversed (VL09), the serial number status is ESTO and the serial number is assigned to a plant / storage location (WM/IM).

The Customer return process acts the same way as the PGI reversal, i.e., the serial number is returned into a a plant / storage location, with status ESTO.

Is there a standard process to have the serial number automatically reset at AVLB and not assigned to a plant / storage location ?

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