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Jun 29, 2017 at 08:41 AM

MDG BP replication via SOA Error:Enter the external customer number or Supplier number


Hello Experts,

We have configure SOA based replication for MDG Customer and Supplier along with Business Partner while replicating the Business partner from Hub to Client system we are facing issue, only when the Business partner contains both Customer and Supplier record in single message .it is failing at target client system and throwing error External Customer or Supplier Number missing error on the other hand when we are replicating a Business partner which is having only either customer or Supplier it is Posted successfully to target system via webservice. the issue is occurring only in the case for common Business partner for customer and supplier.

for more clarity let say BP 2011 is associated with Customer 101 and Supplier 201 so the XML message contains both Supplier and Customer details along with Customer and supplier Number

Note : we have setup Internal Number range at MDG hub side for Business partner,Customer and Supplier and External number range at Target system for Business partner,Customer and Supplier Please share your view to resolve the issue.

Please share your view on that.




soa-error.png (39.5 kB)
soa-xml.png (47.6 kB)