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May 14, 2007 at 03:17 PM

If master data is backbone of ESA then why BDC?


This question is being posed here because it is more of a rant than a true technical discussion.

In trying to revisit a MDM process we created last year, I was investigating the BAPI's available for creating/changing vendors in our ERP 2004 system. Needless to say I was not impress that there were no true "background" BAPI's available. A thought was given to look at how IDOC inbound processing would work for creating/changing vendors. I took a look and was almost disgusted by what I found.

A generated BDC is still being used to load vendors via IDOC processing. The whole inbound idoc processing generates a BDC via FM VENDOR_BDCDATA and then does you typical call transaction XK01/XK02. I found this via FM ERP_IDOC_INPUT_CREDITOR after looking at however the IDOC processing was defined for CREMAS04.

My question if Master Data is the backbone, then why are BDC's still being used for a such critical piece and why can't there be BAPI's that can be used for true background processing. Is there something I am missing in looking at this problem?

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