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Former Member
May 14, 2007 at 02:23 PM

BW Transports


Hi All,

Please explain me what will happen in the following scenario:

I created two ODS. ODS1 and ODS2. I tranported them as individual tranports for their transfer rules, updat rules and structure. InfoObjects are already existing in all the systems (Dev, Test and production). Now I want to consolidate all the changes in one request. The prevoius transports have already been transported. What I now do is as follow:

I reactiave all the above mentioned objects in development system and use the same transport number for all changes. This time although I donot change anything. I just reactivate and edit the objects so that I can include them in a new transport request.

Now the question is: If I only move that tranport later to production will all the objects be tranported to production? Will the order in which the transports should go into production or test will be taken care by system automatically?