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May 14, 2007 at 01:11 PM

Help in mapping with 'createIf' node function


Hi gurus !

I am using a 'createIf' node function to create a node in the target if a source field equates to a particular value. Normally, it would mean that only those fields in the source node that satisfies the condition of the 'createIf' would be available to be mapped to the target node's fields. However, I would like a field from another node in the source to be mapped onto the same target node's fields.

Source (IDoc - DELVRY03)-





<VSBED_BEZ>Trial testing</VSBED_BEZ>










/TargetNode = createIf(equalsS(/partner_q), Constant('WE')))

/TargetNode/name1=/E1ADRM1/NAME1 - working

/TargetNode/name2=/E1ADRM1/NAME2 - working

/TargetNode/vsbed=/E1EDL22/VSBED_BEZ - field not displayed in output at all

Currently '/TargetNode/vsbed' is not being output at all, leave alone a blank entry, though the test shows the value appearing correctly under 'Display Queue'. Is there any trick that I could try ?