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FMS does not work at times

Hello All,

I need your help in fixing an ongoing issue.

I created a Formatted search in AR Invoice to pull up the base price from few "User defined fields in the Business partner master data". It works fine but the client says it does not pull up the value sometimes.

Below is the query that I wrote. Please help

SELECT DISTINCT ( CASE WHEN $[INV1."U_BLT_ItemGroup"] IN ('101','102','105','106','107','109','110','112','113') THEN T0."U_BLT_ZBP" WHEN $[INV1."U_BLT_ItemGroup"] = '100' THEN T0."U_BLT_BPPR" WHEN $[INV1."U_BLT_ItemGroup"] = '103' THEN T0."U_BLT_BPW2" WHEN $[INV1."U_BLT_ItemGroup"] = '108' THEN T0."U_BLT_BPTIM" WHEN $[INV1."U_BLT_ItemGroup"] = '104' THEN T0."U_BLT_BP1099" WHEN $[INV1."U_BLT_ItemGroup"] = '111' THEN T0."U_BLT_ACA" ELSE '0' END ) FROM OCRD T0 WHERE T0."CardCode" = $[OINV."CardCode"];

I am not sure why this is happening. When I enter the document, the value pulls up correctly but when the client tries it doesn't work all the time.

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