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Jun 27, 2017 at 07:33 PM

Cumulative data in lowest level of Drill


Hi Experts,

This is something that is bugging some of ours developers head. There is a requirement for the drill down Summary report that we need to show the cumulative data in the lower level of the drill irrespective of what drill path you follow. We were able to achieve some part of it and some part we are struggling.

Scenario example:

Drill hierarchy is set as Region-City-County-Admin-Worker. Worker can be working in multiple regions within the month. Say for example: Worker1 processed 10 cases in Region1 and 20 in Region2. Currently in report when you drill from Region1 you have 10 and Region2 you have 20 cases. But the new requirement is in the worker level we should show 30 irrespective of what path you take to show all the cases worked by that worker. We were able to achieve this using "Nofilter" functions for drill in Worker level. This is how we doing:

="<a href=\"../../opendoc/openDocument.jsp?iDocID=Fs3ZcFNOrQgAsisAAEDp5a8AAFBWijvI&sIDType=CUID&sType=wid&lsSpsEC=90&lsSpsLT=M&lsMpmREG%3A="+URLEncode(""+[Region])+"&lsMpmCIR%3A="+URLEncode(""+[City])+"&lsMpmADM%3A="+URLEncode(""+[County])+"&lsMpmSPVR%3A="+URLEncode(""+[Admin])+"&lsMpmWRKR%3A="+URLEncode(""+[Worker])+"&lsMpmDTC%3A="+URLEncode(""+[Disability Type Code])+"&lsSpsSD="+URLEncode(UserResponse("Enter Start Date:"))+"&lsSpsED="+URLEncode(UserResponse("Enter End Date:"))+"\" title=\"\" target=\"_blank\" nav=\"doc\">"+Nofilter(FormatNumber([Within_90_Days_Timely];"######");Drill)+"</a>"

But in the total of the worker, we should not give value for the worker or else it will give you multivalue error because the total tries to give total for multiple workers. Now If we ignore the worker then it will list all the worker value for all the regions. Same situation is there when you pass the parameter to Detail report from Summary. If we ignore the worker level to pass it in parameter then it will list all the worker for all the regions. But instead it should only list those workers under that Admin to be shown and only their work done from other regions.

Please do let me know if you have any thoughts on this.