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Issue with the Fiori Launchpad Groups

Hi Experts,

We are facing a weird issue with the Fiori Launchpad. We have several launchpad groups & catalogs in the gateway system and have configured different PFCG roles with different combinations of FLP groups & catalogs.

But when I logon to FLP using one of the test users, I am not seeing the launchpad groups assigned to that user's role but instead seeing all the other groups available in the system (with "+" sign for Add tile). The launchpad group assigned to that user's role is not visible at all on the FLP.

We have cleaned up the cache (SMICM, Global & Client Cache, Browser) multiple times but still no luck.

Has anyone come across this scenario and what would be the possible resolution for this issue? Any pointers to analyze this issue further are welcome !!


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  • Former Member Bartosz Jarkowski

    Hi Bartosz,

    Please find the requested screenshots attached to this thread.

    Note: We have removed all the roles assigned to this test user (including the services like /INTEROP) but still the launchpad groups are being displayed on the FLP. SU53 shows the error related to the /INTEROP service which makes sense.

    Let me know if you this gives you enough information for your analysis.


    flp.png (97.6 kB)
    su01.png (67.8 kB)
    su53.png (250.3 kB)
  • Thanks Ram,

    your issue is really interesting :)

    Firstly, just to verify I would add sap_all authorization to selected user.

    Are there any errors in Development Tools in the browser?

    Best regards


  • Former Member Bartosz Jarkowski

    Hi Bartosz,

    I agree this is very strange and interesting issue. It would be better if the root cause is identified soon though :D

    Unfortunately, adding sap_all authorization to the user is not an option.

    In the Development Tools in the browser, I could see the errors related to the 403 Forbidden for Notification call (as seen in the SU53) but nothing more than that.


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