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Material availability date off by 1 day during ATP check in APO

Hi, I have set an operating hours (e.g. 05:59:59 to 16:59:59 Japan time) in the timestream calendar in APO to control the material availability date calculation.

The strange thing is when I do a backwards scheduling by keying in a future date, the material availability date is off by a date, i.e. another day prior to transportation. We were expecting the date to be just a day before the requested delivery date.


Date of entry: 27.06.2017

Requested delivery date: 30.06.2017

Transit time: 1 day

The system will propose

Material availability date: 28.06.2017

GI/Loading/Transportation date: 28.06.2017

Delivery date: 30.06.2017

When I check the scheduling log, I can see that the pick date starts from

19:59:59 (it is 19:59:59 because it is converted from Japan to NZ time where NZ is 3 hours ahead).

However, shipment start date is a day after the picking date. Few questions here:

1. Why does the system start the pick time from 19:59:59 and not 07:59:59 (converted to NZST) which is the beginning of the day?

2. Re the shipment start date, why would the system not continue from the 28.06.2017? I suspect it is due to the pick up date/time starting from the end of the operating hours set?

If the requested delivery date is set to 27.06.2017, the material availability date is set to 29.06.2017 00:00:00 instead of 28.06.2017 19:59:59 and hence the shipment date is set to 29.06.2017.

Can someone please shed some lights on this?

When I tested ATP check on a material that is only subject to ATP check in ECC (non-APO), the material availability date is set correctly to 28.06.2017.

Thanks in advance for any help given.



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    Jul 19, 2017 at 10:32 AM

    Found the cause of the problem. This is due to different time zones used. The time zone in the location in APO is different from the timestream.

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