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​Design Studio application pops up because of data refresh

Jun 26, 2017 at 04:15 PM


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When my Design Studio application data source is auto refreshed (by using a timer) the application window moves to the foreground in Windows environment.

The auto refresh is needed in order to have the current data visible - when the user wants to see it.

But working with other tools - eg. Excel - the user doesn't want to be disturbed by the desgin studio window pop up.

Is there a possibility to suppress the popup?

Design Studio 1.6

BO 4.2

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1 Answer

Tammy Powlas
Jun 26, 2017 at 04:23 PM

Please look at this thread to see if it applies -

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Hi Tammy,

I don't think Alexander is referring to the Popup component itself. My understanding is that if the Design Studio application window is in the background and the timer component triggers a refresh, at that point Windows automatically displays the Design Studio application browser window in the foreground again, which is the behaviour Alexander wants to suppress.

This behaviour might be a bit tricky to resolve.





Just realized you folks are on different tangent. Now i see the real issue. DS-Application appears in front after the refresh happens overlaying the application window such as excel and so...

This should be tricky for sure but interesting requirement to achieve.

A blind guess would be, to turn off Some sort of Push-notification for DS under under windows control that do not affect active window.

Get external monitor :-)


Hi Alexander,

I believe the behavior is because of below scenario, totally assuming Mandatory Prompts exists or Prompts are set as True for the application.

When the Timer component kicks-in the reload of query (aka refresh) takes place, it will fire up Mandatory Prompts variable screen (pop-up).

Possible 3 ways to bypass that window (pop-up/variable screen)

1. Hard-code Mandatory Prompts

Add the code to pass a hard-coded value to Prompts right after the Timer Kicks-in. (if this dont work?)

Then, add the code under EVENTS- On result Set Changed for the data-source that has M-Prompts.

2. Make Prompts dynamic as per user selection INSTEAD of hard-coded value

There are good changes that user made some selection, in such case i would capture those filters and pass it back

to the query right after my Timer kicks-in, else we are not looking at right data as per latest user-selection.

3. Prompts setting ? (not sure if this will work)

Force Prompts on Start-up: Try is as FALSE and see if the pop-up is still there.

Hopefully one of these may work as a possible work-around. This will be one of the complex approach like @Mustafa mentioned.

It may get more complex depending on how the application is built, by that i mean if you are using (Parallel processing of queries? or merge variables and soo on...