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Best practice customizing scoping activities

Jun 28, 2017 at 10:06 PM


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Good day SAP community,

I'm new at C4C asking for the best practice in customizing the solution .. with ERP we make copies of standard values starting with Z and making changes as required in almost everything, but in C4C I see that in some scope activities the admin guide suggest change on standard values and also have the option 'Restore standard values' or delete them. With your experiences what is the best practice? Adapt standard one an create Z only if needed more option, create always a Z copy of the standard values, or a mix of this two options depending of BO? I also wonder ¿how many days advance should I ask SAP for the productive tenant before the going life date?

I apologyse for this silly questions, but the manuals doesn´t mention it and the Q&A of the community have been a great support on my learning journey in C4C.

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Ankur Godre
Jun 29, 2017 at 11:58 AM

Hello Monica,

In general, best practice would be to consume first whatever is available as standard and then make custom fields/objects,values, etc. if the requirements is not met by standard.

For Production tenant request, ideally, you should request it when you have completed all the config. and Dev. activities for initial Go-live, along with complete testing - not to mention a sign-off on the Solution Walkthrough on Test tenant can help minimize changes in Production tenant.

You should also consider the release upgrade timelines while requesting Production tenant to ensure there are no issues.

There is a lot of information available on the SAP community, may be you can browse through the old archives of the C4C/Hybris C4C community on this.


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Good day Ankur,

Thank you for the reply. Aproximily how many days take SAP to confirm access to productive tenant after I request for it? and the access to initial tenant is disable at the moment I ask for the productive one?

Best regards,




It generally takes between 2-3 days - This is just a ballpark timeline, it can take additional days depending on several things.

No, the tenant access does not gets disabled the moment you request the Productive tenant.

You can read about Service Control Center in C4C in this blog for more information:

Service Control Center




Thank you Ankur!

Best regards.