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IDLE, RUNNING and ACTIVE statement states


I was hoping someone could shed some light on this idea of thread states in HANA.

Basically my question is aimed at finding out when HANA changes the state of a thread to IDLE. This also ties into the parameter idle_cursor_timeout.

1: If I set this parameter to lets say 10 seconds, in theory this should cancel the thread/query which runs longer than 10 seconds, Is this assumption correct?

2: To go deeper, I would assume that this parameter only targets IDLE connections (again open to correction here?). I have seen examples of this been tested, ie: a procedure which took longer than 10 seconds to execute was not cancelled when the parameter was set to 10 secs. My thinking here the thread was not IDLE but this leads to the question, when does HANA deem it necessary to change the state to IDLE, is there default time when it says "ok, I gotta change this to IDLE"?

Any clarification here would be greatly appreciated.


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    Jun 30, 2017 at 07:09 AM

    Answer got below:

    This parameter is only taken into affect when an executed SQL is blocking the Garbage Collection in a HANA DB. It not only covers IDLE statements but also ACTIVE statements, but again, only if this active statement is blocking the GC.

    Still need to know when the ACTIVE statement is changed to IDLE?

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