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May 11, 2007 at 05:34 PM

Passing a parameter to an iView window from a Web Dynpro


Hello all,

I know very little about the portal, and haven't been using Web Dynpro for too horribly long, either, so I'm really not sure what part I'm having a problem with here, so I'm just going to explain the whole scenario the best I can.

I have a Web Dynpro DC with two applications in it - SearchDevices and ShowDetail. The idea is that there will be an iView created on the portal for each of these apps, and the user can navigate to the SearchDevices app, but the ShowDetail one will only show up by clicking on a result from the SearchDevices app.

Because the user did not want to see the portal navigation when opening up the ShowDetail, we can't use the WDPortalNavigation.navigateAbsolute(), so it was suggested to me by a coworker that I do the following:

String url = "http://localhost:50000/irj/servlet/prt/portal/prtroot/pcd!3aportal_content!2fJennifer!2fjava_fe_com_reg~search_cust_device_wdp_com_fecorp_wdp_ed_showdata_ShowData?sap-config-mode=true&application_parameter=EqNo=" + wdContext.currentResultsElement().getEqunr();
String title = "Device Details";
IWDWindow window=wdComponentAPI.getWindowManager().createNonModalExternalWindow(url,title);;

"http://localhost:50000/irj/servlet/prt/portal/prtroot/pcd!3aportal_content!2fJennifer!2fjava_fe_com_reg~search_cust_device_wdp_com_fecorp_wdp_ed_showdata_ShowData?sap-config-mode=true" is the url I see when I preview my iView in the portal (it's hard-coded now, but that will be fixed in my final production application)

"EqNo" is the parameter that my ShowDetail app is looking for... but, when I try testing this, this part is obviously not working, as it's always null, even though I can see in the URL the value being passed.

(as a side note, for me to continue testing other things until this is resolved, I HAVE done a WDPortalNavigation.navigateAbsolute() and sent the parameter that way, and it works FINE)

Any suggestions would be appreciated, I <b>will</b> reward points for anything helpful.