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While posting Miro I am getting Error GST Implemented.Due to include missing Structures.

One Function module giving the error.
Need Small information.We are implementing GST, Upto
Based on the Below

GST Solution Notes And
MM and FI Screen Changes (New GST Fields)

We were implemented.No problem is coming.
New fields at Miro like GST Partner and Place of supply at row level
HSn Field was enabled.

But while posting MIRO dump file is creating.If i Check the code the error is coming from the function modules

Function pool:SAPLJ_1IG_IV_ITEM
In the above below include is there

Again above include contains 4 includes Except 1st one remaining includes ,if i execute it, it is giving the Error.

The above include contains Below include


If i run the above 2nd include it is running the function moduel

If i run the above 3rd include it is running the function module

If i run the above 4th include it is running the function module

the above function modules are giving the error message can any body tell me what is the declaration.How can i declare the variable with out knowing their type or structure
Please have a look on below attached image. Need valuable suggestions.

Thank you.

gst1.jpg (448.2 kB)
gst2.jpg (383.4 kB)
gst3.jpg (432.7 kB)
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  • Actually you have to implement properly. Some missing top of the include is missing.

    If you double click on the gv_gst_part, It will take you to the top of the include.

    Which means top of the include is missing.

    Double click on the field, go where ever it will take you , then

    the actual code will be look like.


    * INCLUDE LJ1IG_IV_ITEMD... " Local class definition

    DATA: gs_drseg TYPE drseg,
    gs_drseg1 TYPE drseg,
    gv_gst_part TYPE rbkp_v-gst_part,
    gv_plc_sup TYPE rbkp_v-plc_sup,
    gv_vgart TYPE rbkp_v-vgart.

    TYPES: BEGIN OF errprot1,
    msgty LIKE sy-msgty,
    msgid LIKE sy-msgid,
    msgno LIKE sy-msgno,
    msgv1 LIKE sy-msgv1,
    msgv2 LIKE sy-msgv2,
    msgv3 LIKE sy-msgv3,
    msgv4 LIKE sy-msgv4,
    source TYPE c,
    rblgp LIKE drseg-rblgp,
    shown LIKE boole-boole,
    END OF errprot1.

    DATA: gv_gst_part2 TYPE rbkp_v-gst_part, "Customs Invoice cancel
    gv_plc_sup2 TYPE rbkp_v-plc_sup,
    gv_vgart2 TYPE rbkp_v-vgart,
    gv_customs_val2 TYPE drseg-customs_val,
    gv_hsn_sac2 TYPE drseg-hsn_sac.


    Re implement it.

  • Former Member

    Hi Bhaskar,

    Did you get the solution? we are also facing same issue while doing MIRO

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1 Answer

  • Oct 06, 2017 at 12:16 PM

    Check with SNOTE the implementation status of note 2378678 - GST IN: BAdI implementation in Enjoy transactions of FI and MM (which created the declaration in the TOP include of function group)

    You should (must) create a small Excel sheet with every note mentionned in 2421394 - GST India: SAP ERP Solution Notes, and check their status in your system.

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