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Jun 28, 2017 at 11:23 AM

Text field does not appear on Adobe form


Hi Folks,

this issue is a variant of the common 'where's my data on the form'.

However, I've done a lot of checking, and I'm baffled. Please don't jump to any conclusions until you've read this carefully.

Essentially, I have 2 text fields, one of which appears on the form output, and one of which doesn't, despite almost identical object definitions, layouts, and data bindings (they are two text fields on the same data structure). The form was originally copied from the standard SAP Certificate of Analysis, and the fields should display as part of the form header, one above the other.

Here is a shot of the first field in the form designer:

Here is a shot of the second field in the form designer, just below the first:

As you can see, the two fields are part of the same data structure (VBDPL), and each has the same data binding apart from the field name. The first field, which can be up to 18 characters long, has a 60mm x 5mm layout, with 37mm reserved for the caption. The second field, which can be up to 35 characters, has a 120mm x 5mm layout, with the same caption reserve. Font is Arial 10 for both. Presence is 'visible' for both fields. Both are Read-Only. Both captions display correctly. In case you think I haven't checked/debugged the interface, here are the field values in debug, just before the form is called:

And here is a clip from the output. First field visible, second field (Customer Mat'l No.)not:

The hierarchy of the data bindings is as follows (refer to the screenshots above):


Subform VBDPL: $.VBDPL

Text field MATNR: $.MATNR

Text field IDNKD: $.IDNKD

The original data binding on field MATNR just had the name of the field: like 'MATNR' (I don't know how the 'name' option works, but it did). I changed the bindings for the VBDPL subform and for the MATNR text field. I did the same for the IDNKD text field. And the upshot is that the MATNR field (still) displays, and the IDNKD field doesn't.

Now here's the thing. I've changed the data binding on both fields many times and (obviously) saved and recompiled the form.

The form appears to be behaving as if the it hasn't taken on board any changes to the bindings, despite lots of Change/Save/Recompile activity.

If you've solved a similar problem, taking into account my points above, I'd really like to hear from you.

Thanks for staying with it.


John Moulding.


design-matnr.jpg (23.8 kB)
design-idnkd.jpg (31.8 kB)
debug-values.jpg (15.2 kB)
output.jpg (17.6 kB)