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SAP APO DP - Uploading File

Jun 28, 2017 at 10:48 AM


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I have a question regarding the upload of a saved planning file to a demand planning workbook.

I understand the concept of CVC's and that they must be generated/maintained in order to plan data with that combination, but we have a situation where we would like the system to accept new characteristic combinations from our saved file even if a CVC for this combination has yet to be setup.

My question, is there any ability in DP to upload the locally saved file even if it contains new characeristic combinations for which there are no CVC's yet generated? or to make this process dynamic.

At present, I am using the saved file to create the list of new CVC's, then refresh the workbook, download the new workbook output and enter the new values and uploading again, there must be a better way. I worked with BW-IP for years and it was very simple to add new characteristic combinations via flat file or manually in the worksheet.

Any advice appreciated,


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Former Member Sep 06, 2017 at 03:16 PM

Hi John,

Planning Data is stored in Planning Area, where as CVCs are stored in the Planning Object Structure.

As the CVC is key, it's not possible to store any data to CVCs which don't exist.

There is options to create CVCs from a file - so if the planning file is has details of the CVC within the file, you could create a process where the CVCs are first created from the file, then the planning values are copied into APO from the file.

Another option could be to create some dummy CVCs. Copy in the values from the planning file and then use realignment to change the dummy CVCs into 'real' CVCs.



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Thank you for your help