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May 11, 2007 at 02:53 AM

Challenges and limitation with ECM ?



We are evaluating ECM (ERP2004) to automate our compensation process. The following limitations hinder us from pursuing with ECM. I wonder if any of you have experienced with these limitations and managed to overcome via some workaround solutions :

1. Salary adjustments or bonuses for a staff may be allocated from 2 or more source of budget. Example, the staff bonus (represented by Budget Type = Bonus) may be paid partially by the organization unit's budget and a central budget (another source of fund). It is not possible to allocated specific amount from the different source of budgets into a particular budget type (in this case Bonus) to be allocated to staff.

2. Our budget needs to be linked to the allocation distribution rule specified in IT27 (Cost Distribution). However, we find no linkages between the budget type with the cost distribution. Example, a staff is funded by 75% WBS A (belonging to Org Unit A) and 25% WBS B (belonging to Org Unit B). When a bonus amount is allocated to the staff, the budget from the respective Org Unit should be deducted accordingly from the budgets of the 2 Org Units.

3. A budget belonging to an Org Unit may be used to fund the bonus of a personnel or staff belonging to another Org Unit (Example, the staff belongs to another Org Unit but he is rendering his service to this Org Unit). This seems impossible with ECM.

4. Workflow, in our setup, we need 2 levels of approval. ECM only supports 1 level, and there is no underlying workflow template for us to further enhance or customize.

5. No audit trail to view who had changed the various adjustments along the way.

Will be very thankful if you can share some experiences with regards to the above challenges.


Kir Chern