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Mobile app development using OpenUI5

Jun 27, 2017 at 12:00 PM


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I am doing an analysis on using OpenUI5 to create an enterprise mobile application and would like to seek you opinion/inputs regarding the same.

1. Can we use OpenUI5 to create an enterprise mobile application? If yes, then what is the use of SAP mobile platform?

2. We have already created a web application using OpenUI5. Would it make sense if we take a subset of features from the web-app and create an .apk using third party platforms like PhoneGap/Cordova?

3. Does SAP offers something similar to Cordova? I am asking this as many organizations have a limitation on using third party tools (we are one of those) but we can easily get approvals to use something from SAP (as we have some sort of partnership).

Any other suggestions on how should I go ahead in finalizing the technology to create an enterprise mobile app?

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Akos Grabecz
Jun 27, 2017 at 02:12 PM

SAP Mobile Platform or SMP is a middleman which can be used to transfer data between the clients and the backend (SAP or 3rd party). What is more that it enhances secure and administrations, supports lifecycle management etc. Check this:

SMP does offer something like Cordova. It is called Kapsel. That is a bunch of extra plugins to Cordova. We could say that it is a Cordova extension. You can check it here:
To use Kapsel, SAP offers SMP SDK.

SAP lets you to use 3rd party solutions. So for example you don't have to use HANA or ASE or SQL Anywhere DB with your SAP product but you can use Oracle, DB2 or any other kind of database too.

Let me know if you have further questions Nirjhar.

Best regards,

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Thanks Akos for the prompt reply!

Just to explain you the scenario, the technology stack that we are using is :
1. Rest based webservices. (Already in place)

2. Postgres (Already there)

3. SAPUI5 (thinking to use it for UI)

I would really appreciate if you could share your expert opinion on the below: -

i. We feel that going native would be a huge effort (learning + resource constraints) and adopting the hybrid approach could yield quick results. We could use Phonegap/Cordova to make it work on cross-platforms. What are your thoughts on this?

ii. Will a hybrid app go a long way? I mean to ask if it would be scalable enough to support a mid or large-sized enterprise application?

iii. Do you feel that we should also consider using something else like Angular or React to build the UI rather than SAPUI5? The reason why we are leaned towards SAPUI5 is because all of our web applications/products are build on SAPUI5.


I'm glad that you found it useful. I'm an SMP supporter so I'll write my answers from this point of view.

So if I understand well then your infrastructure would be something like this:

mobile devices with different OSes -> SMP -> backend with PostgreSQL db


So PostgreSQL db is okay to use with SMP as a backend (because of the Integration Gateway built-in component) and the restful services too. (it can be restful or odata with SMP). During the installation of the SMP it asks you to choose an underlying db type. This is a finite list which you can check here. Note that this DB is needed for SMP's working not for storing your data. The data will be stored in the backend not in SMP.

I. well, that's a hard question without knowing exactly your needs but I would say that you're right if you have different OSes and not so strict OS specific UI needs. On the whole, I personally think that a native application can be much better but it requires much more things to be continuously managed than a hybrid app which is a little bit less than a native one but needs much less effort to make it work efficiently. Phonegap and Cordova are okay to use with SMP. As we have Kapsel too. To compare from point to point the Native and Hybrid apps you can check this fresh blog.

II. That's a hard and an easy question in the same time. If the application is built well and regularly updated than it will have a long life, but there could be a lot of pitfall which are hard to determine and/or forecast.

III. That question is more than hard. It's really relative. If I should choose (from the blindness and darkness where I am now compare to you) than I would stay at UI5. Why do you want to have another thing? Do you have any specific need that UI5 cannot satisfy? There are two nice blogs about this question to compare this 3:

Building Web Applications – SAPUI5, AngularJS, or REACT? from the end of 2016

Side by Side: SAPUI5 vs. React & Angular2 from 2017

One more note from SMP's perspective that I didn't mention yet. There's a cloud version too, that is called SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services for Development and Operations. Or just SCPms.

Let me know if you have anything more to ask Nirjhar. I hope I could help you though.


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Akos Grabecz


I really appreciate that you took time out of your busy schedule to answer all the questions in such a detailed manner. The explanation/links helped me a lot to understand everything in a better manner.

Thanks again!

I'll surely ask if I get stuck/confused in near future.

A K Jun 29, 2017 at 08:59 AM

1) OpenUI5 - it is a UI lib such as Angular, Kendu etc...

2) Since, OpenUI5 comes under responsive design, you can use the same by using cordova platform

3) As per my knowledge, SAP using cordova platoform to generate apk file

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Jun Wu Jun 27, 2017 at 12:17 PM

1. openui5 is just ui

2.yes don't have such thing.

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