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Jun 27, 2017 at 10:29 AM

Store Data from Fiori Application to MDC Database


Dear SAP Community,

I am currently trying to transport Data from a Fiori Application, into a HCP MDC Database.

Since i have been unable to find any information regarding this on the Web, i am asking you for insight.

The following is my Database containing two Tables:

i have created an ODATA Connection to the Tables, so i could Access them from a Fiori application:

Now i have created an Application on the SAP WEB Ide, using a Template for an "SAP Master-Detail Application" and used the Data from the Tables.

including 2 Buttons, Approve and Reject.

The Goal of what i am trying to accomplish is:
Getting Information from the Buttons stored back into the MDC Database on one of the Tables listed above.

So say, if i press Approve it should for ex. store a Boolean Value of "True" into the correct Column of the given Row.

Question: Is this possible ? Is there a way to store Values from the Button press into the MDC Database ?


hcp1.png (26.6 kB)
odata.png (21.4 kB)
web.png (38.3 kB)