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BUS2017 - Created Event not triggering in MIGO

Jun 27, 2017 at 12:06 AM


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Former Member

Experts ... Need some advice on BUS2017 CREATED event - My understanding is it should trigger when we do a MIGO posting, regardless of whether we have Workflow receiver - is that right?

But in SWEL - it is not showing - any event, when i do MIGO posting - why ?

is there any customizing required - as we do in Equipment Master thru V_T370T - Please confirm. I am not able to locate any so far.

Another strange thing - when I add a STANDARD workflow linkage in SWE2 for Created Event - it does show in SWEL

How is it linked to Standard Workflow and only with Standard Workflow it works...

If i copy to Custom Workflow - then Nothing appears in SWEL again...

I am bit lost here - is there any customizing required or how to get this EVENT Created working for MIGO. Please suggest,

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3 Answers

Anjan Paul Jun 28, 2017 at 07:12 AM


Did the event trace activaed using SWELS without restriction , please check

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Former Member Jul 03, 2017 at 04:33 AM

Hi Anjan,

Yes SWEL is without restriction. I am doing MIGO - Good Receipt using PO for 101 movement . Have enabled SWELS with no restriction.

Posting in MIGO and checking the events ...there is nothing appearing.

is that normal ?

can someone check in their system and see i checked in 3 systems now and all behave the same. No event on MIGO GR save.

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Former Member Jul 05, 2017 at 01:53 AM

found the answer finally...its standard SAP Code - that will trigger the CREATED event only when Receiver Type ===> WS53800005 !!!!

The CREATED event for BUS2017 is triggered in class CL_MMIM_MB_DOC_RAISE_A2A. BADI MB_DOC_RAISE_A2A



Check screen shot below.


Found OSS Note 1614466 & it also states the same. 1614466 - Event CREATED from business object BUS2017 not triggered

Before you can use this operation, you must first:

1.Activate the business function LOG_ESOA_OPS_2 through transaction SFW2

2.Activate the switch MM_ESOA_SFWS_SC1 through transaction SFW1

3.Ensure the enhancement implementation 'MB_DOC_RAISE_A2A' is active and that the implementation is switched on by switch 'MM_ESOA_SFWS_SC1' through transaction SE19

4.Activate the event type linkage for the BOR event through transaction SWETYPV

oObject Category: BOR Object Type

oObject Type: BUS2017


oReceiver Type: WS53800005

oStatus: No Errors

This event is for the SAP standard delivered enterprise service only. Any functionality wanted, that is not related to the enterprise service GoodsMovementERPNotification_Out, would need a customised event created and triggered.

Bit Strange to understand why a EVENT Receiver is being hardcoded in the program !!! Any suggestions

bus2017-created.png (133.6 kB)
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