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After certifying SAP SD module can I get into ABAP programming?

Jun 26, 2017 at 02:47 PM


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I have done SAP SD certification and it's almost a year after I am still not getting any good job in SAP SD as a fresher. Wipro selected me and then rejected me saying I am a distance-MBA graduate after wasting 2 months of valuable time and money(around 18k Rupees for attending the interview in Bangalore in just 2 days notice for which I had to book 2-way flight tickets plus hotel booking). Similarly prior to that Tech Mahindra rejected me saying I have too much gap in career and also I am over 37 yrs of age. This way I have been attending interviews sent by ATOS but not getting any good job offers, Most are very low-paid jobs with huge monetary bonds or some other kinds of bonds .

I slowly got dejected studying & reading the same topics SD topics over & over again. I am also starting to forget because I am getting more & more frustrated. So suddenly I purchased one ABAP book one day & found that it is quite interesting & more enjoyable than those boring topics of SD. I also by now have the SD process flow ideas, what tables are involved in Sd, MM ,shipping etc. So I am now thinking of doing some crash course from some local center on ABAP module (max 2 months course these centers are offering)

So,can anyone please suggest me whether this will be a right decision for me to do ABAP & try to get into ABAP programming rather than my core module of SD. I also had a dream of becoming techno-functional. Can I become one in such a way? BTW, I dont have a engineering or Comp science degree but I do have done programming courses in the past which I dont ever mention on my CV because of certain problems that will arise out of these.

In future also I will keep that a secret but in the past I did get offers as PHP/MySQL developer in & even joined one small firm but because of low salary in that field I left that line forever.

I even did a school mgmt system & cake shop project in php/mysql along with css/html/jquery.

So experts please advice me if I can get into ABAP field & will that be wise for me after doing certification in SD. I dont have any more money to do the costly ABAP certification nor I think I will be eligible without a exp in programming field.

Thanks & Regards,


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3 Answers

Namrata Chaki Jun 26, 2017 at 04:47 PM

But Sir, I am more inclined & interested more in coding. Somehow I want to be an ABAP coder rather than be a functional guy. Unfortunately when I went for the certification program I even then wanted to join ABAP but the counselor didn't allow me saying SAP has certain eligibility norms. But now that I have certified and know the sales process well I can surely become a techno-functional guy? can't I?

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To become techno-functional you need years of experience. Simply enrolling in course after course will not make you a techno-functional. Sorry that I am a bit blunt but honest input is the best thing I can give you.

Jelena Perfiljeva is a techno-functional, maybe she could give you some suggestions.


please refer to above post.



The link you posted refers to no post but a profile of another person. I think you posted the wrong link Sir.



Jelena is a techno-functional. I have requested her for comments. Let us hope that she is "tagged".

Namrata Chaki Jun 27, 2017 at 04:51 AM


As far as interviews are concerned ,after certification from my authorized training center they have been sending me jobs by email but most of them are not giving me the final call to attend the interview. Later I heard from the placement officer of ATOS that either the interview is in hold or candidates have already been selected!! I don't know if what he says is true or not, whether some monetary scam is going on behind the screen or sometimes these interviews are said to be conducted through skype but I never receive any calls from the company!!

And this way I have been waiting for the last 1 year. Now at the end I must disclose that this is not my real name(I am using a pseudo nickname for writing purpose here,plz forgive me for that) which I use here as what I write might anger here many interviewers including some moderators present here from companies such as HCL. As for your advice to take help from one of the moderators you named here ,I personally don't have any grudge against him but many times I have send my CV to his company but they never ever shortlisted me(HCL)

So I think they will not have any different mindset from others whom i faced in my life till date. I am sorry if my English is not understandable to others but what I am writing is quite in pain as because I am homeless also & staying with one of my close relatives as both my parents expired last December . I also begged to many people (even to people from outside of proper SAP field) to help me get a job in SAP as I have spend a lot of time & money on these technology but unfortunately no one came to my help or helped me in a real sense. They just said "Send me your CV & I will try myself as well send to my friends" but then instantly I knew they will not help me as that is what my past experience has told me.

Anyways Sir, Thanks very much for trying to help me out in such a bad situation but I feel is someone from the interview boards of these companies are reading this post ,I hope that in India they should be some bit considerate to all interviewees irrespective of age,gender,caste,religion or their own personal likes/dislikes & rise above that & be considerate while rejecting or taking a interview candidate. I think some people should get a chance to work in such big mnc companies inspite of having backlogs,year gaps or age barriers like in many foreign countries in Europe/USA /Australia/NZ etc to name a few of the good places in this world. Unfortunately I belong from a dark region of Earth where still religion & superstition ,obeying Boss's command (& the "Boss is always right" such things prevails) and other centuries old practice still goes on here in a country like India(developing or developed,I ask Mr. Narendra Modi and other representative from Indian Political Parties).

Thanks & Regards


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The SAP job market is tough. If you don't have enough money to sustain the preparation phase, then things become much more difficult.

Nobody can guarantee you a job. It will happen with your persistent effort over a 5 years period.

There are no short cuts or easy routes in SAP. (10, 15 years ago it was a different story)


5 years period? That's a long time!!

Sir, do you mean that I may have to wait for 5 years to get a SAP SD job?

Typewriter TW Jun 26, 2017 at 04:29 PM

No don't go for ABAP.

The difficulty you faced in getting an entry level job will be there in any module. So by learning ABAP you will still be in the same boat. :(

You need to keep persevering and learning, relearning SD topics and become a theoretical expert. Go and give interview, after interview and hope for the best.

If possible find a mentor, a coach who can guide you with daily and long term plan.

Follow and learn from these members:

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