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Outbound delivery for STO


I need to give the user a transaction in order to create deliveries for STOs in for a range dates. I activated ATP for STO, then I might have for the same STO item, a few schedule lines.

I wanted to give them the option to create delivery for each schedule line, then I tried to execute VL10F, I got a few lines for the same item, which is correct.

If I mark the first line and click the backgroung icon, it creates me a delivery for the quantity in the first schedule line.

If I mark only the second line, or both of them, it creates me one delivery for all quantity, where the planned goods issue date is the earlier one. I expect that if it combone two schedule lines, then the planned GI date will be the later one.

Why does it happen?

And how can I give them the option to create a differet delivery for different committed dates?

I could see that in VL10D, it gives me oly the option of combined quantities, which is ok, because it's not in schedule line level, but I expect to have planned GI which is the later of both, and again, I can see the earlier, why?

When I tried to implement the automatic delivery, from STO creation, I could see a different delivery for eac committed quantity, but I don't want to create it at the time of STO creation, then this option is irrelevant.

Maybe someone can help...

Thanks a lot,


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2 Answers

  • Jun 26, 2017 at 12:45 PM
    Hi, if you want to create deliveries for different dates you have to give this dates, so why not entering them manually at the creation moment?

    If this is not allowed beacuse it calculates the earlier one with a further elaboration then you can try to skip it by a field exit, maybe someone else here know what it could be. Also you have to investigate the reason why this date is the earlier, maybe there is a functional issue which will be interesting and maybe you can customizing it.


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  • Jun 27, 2017 at 08:44 AM


    I have found that if I want to be able to create a delivery for each schedule line, there is an option to change the parameter of "rule" field, in customization of "role" field.

    I didn't try it, because I figured out that my user prefers having one delivery for both schedule lines, if he decides to mark the second line that is

    shown in VL10F:

    If he will mark only the first one, he will get a delivery onlt for the committed qty of the first line, otherwise it will be created for the cumulative qty.

    Thanks any way,


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    • Hi, I meant the delivery man could then ask the purchase dept. for this requirement time by time, the aggregate delivery quantity could be an important parameter for the further processing of these information, I mean for the data investigation by ones interested on particular aggregate info.