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May 09, 2007 at 02:17 PM




I am trying to do a Delta load for 2LIS_11_VAITM. The Init without data loaded successfully, and the Full Upload (repair) ran successfully.

When I attempt to do a normal Delta load I am getting no records and a red light in the monitor.

<b>Under the status tab</b> it has the following text:


Error message from the source system


An error occurred in the source system.

System response

Caller 09 contains an error message.

Further analysis:

The error occurred in Extractor .

Refer to the error message.


How you remove the error depends on the error message.


If the source system is a Client Workstation, then it is possible that the file that you wanted to load was being edited at the time of the data request. Make sure that the file is in the specified directory, that it is not being processed at the moment, and restart the request.


<b>Under the details tab</b>, I open up 'Extraction' and I see 'Error occurred in the data selection'.

The message for that node is "05/09/2007 08:50:14 Job in source system terminated --> Request is set to red. RSM 78"


I go to the <b>source system</b> and I find the following <b>Short Dump in ST22</b>

"Packed field contains incorrect BCD format."

<b>Under the 'Error Analysis' section it says:</b>

Error analysis

An arithmetic operation in the current program "GP8YTD73L538NAE26ZTIY13IMFS "


to process a field of type P that contains an invalid

BCD format.

Possible reasons:

1. If the field is part of a field string and its current contents are

hex 20: the field string was deleted with MOVE SPACE ... instead of


2. The VARYING parameter was incorrectly placed within a DO loop,

e.g. because the TIMES parameter was too large.

Similar for WHILE ... VARY.

3. A FIELD-SYMBOL was incorrectly assigned.

<b>Information on where termination occurred</b>

The termination occurred in the ABAP/4 program "GP8YTD73L538NAE26ZTIY13IMFS "



The main program was "SBIE0001 ".

The termination occurred in line 362

of the source code of program "GP8YTD73L538NAE26ZTIY13IMFS " (when calling the

editor 3620).

The program "GP8YTD73L538NAE26ZTIY13IMFS " was started as a background job.


What I learned from debugging the extractor in RSA3 is that the field ANZAUPO has the value 30303030. This value is supposed to be multiplied by -1. That value of 303030 is obviously incorrect and that is probably why I get the dump when it is time to multiply by -1 in the code for the extractor.

On I can see that 0ORD_ITEMS Number of order items MC_ANZAUPO ANZAUPO


So the field that I am having problems with is from MC_ANZAUPO, because of the MC I believe this may be related to the datasource/extractor. I don't think this field is one that the user populates, somehow the system assigns this value (I am guessing). Also the only area I am having problems with is 2LIS_11_VAITM. The other ones are working fine (ie: 2LIS_11_VASTI)

I was able to look in RSA7 and view this field in the Delta Queue, I had to add it to the default view though. It reflected good data here.

Can anybody help with this one?



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