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Former Member
May 09, 2007 at 05:45 AM

Problems with find by parameters in Application Services


Hello all,

I have 3 entity services, AES, BES, and CES. AES has 4 fields, which are id, name and two references (one to CES and another one tho BES). Ive created an operation called findByParameters that receives the 4 four fields as parameters.

When I test this operation, it works fine. Ok so far.

After that, Ive implemented an Application Service called AAS that has AES as a dependent. Ive implement the same findByParameters operation (query operation in application services) and its code is like this:

return getAESService().findByParameters(parameters).

When I test the application service operation, all the AES objects are returned but the refereces are not returned. The AES returned has the id and name fields, but not the BES and CES references. And testing the findByParameters in the entity service, the referenced objects are returned.

Does anyone have already seen this problem ?

Thanks in advance