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how can i handle background logo in script.

hi guru.

this is my last question.

please tell me how can i handle background logo in script.



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4 Answers

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    May 09, 2007 at 11:51 AM

     For creating the watermark in the output of the print program follow the following steps –

    1. First of all create the bitmap image of the text which is required to display as the watermark.

    2. Then go to SE78 and upload the image there on document server as bitmap image with some suitable name.(This step will be clear with the example demo., given at the end)

    3. Now we need to call this image in our SAP script. For that go to the page window where we have to display the watermark further create instance of the main window and create the element in it with some name and call the image with the BITMAP command under the same element.

    4. Thereafter in the print program. After the start form, make call to this element which is created just now.

    5. Immediately after above call, make a call to function module control_form and pass NEW_WINDOW to the command parameter of this function module.

    6. Above steps will display the watermark in the output.

    Step by step demo –

    Let’s say we have to display a text ‘CONFIDENTIAL’ for watermark, for this follow the following steps –

    1) First of all get the word CONFIDENTIAL in the MSPAINT that too in the desired fashion and save it somewhere lets say on desktop. It will look like as shown below.(take care while saving the image that this image will be gray in color)

    2) Now go to SE78 you will find the screen like this –

    Thereafter clicking the IMPORT button one window will pop up as shown below-

    After clicking on the above marked place browser will open then select the desired bitmap file from the place where you have kept your image.

    After importing this image, our bitmap image will be uploaded successfully.

    3) At this stage image is ready to be called in our script. Now go to SE71 and open the SAP script in which we have to call this image. Get the page window where we want the watermark and create the instance of the main window as shown below.

    4) Now create one element in the min window lets say ‘watermark’ as shown in the figure below.

    5) Now for calling the graphics image keep the cursor on the line just below to the element ‘watermark’. And then go to menu INSERT-Graphics.

    Now new window will appear as shown below.

    After saying OK it will insert the line for adding the graphics into it as shown below.

    6) Save activate the SAP script.

    7) Now come to our print program and call the function module WRITE_FORM with main window and watermark element just after the start of form. Immediately after that call function module CONTROL_FORM passing NEW_WINDOW to the parameter COMMAND as shown below.

    8) Save and activate the program.

    9) That’s It.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    10) Run the program u will find the watermark in the output.

    Problems –

    1. After seeing the output u may see watermark displayed irregularly and output pages are increased that they were before.

    Remedy - Decrease the size of the image, which we are creating in the start so that whole content will be accommodated in the space for main window. Because if data exceeds the size of the main window then it will automatically get printed in the next page.

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    May 09, 2007 at 06:18 AM


    Command in your Sapscript


    These are the steps to be followed for uploading graphics in R/3 system

    1. First save the file as BMP

    2. Open the BMP file in IMaging (Goto -> Programs -> Accessories -> Imaging) and

    make it Zoom as 100% and save as *.TIFF

    3. Open SE38 and execute program RSTXLDMC

    4. Give your TIFF file path name

    5. Select Bcol (for Color)

    6. TEXT ID will be ZHEX-MACRO-*.

    7. Inplace of * write your own logo name (ZCOMPANYLOGO)

    8. Execute the program

    9. Now Goto SE71 create your ZFORM

    10. Create logo window

    11. Goto text element of logo window

    (or)In 4.6x

    1. Goto SE71 Change the mode to GRAPHICAL

    2. Choose the Graph Tabstrips

    3. Now type in some name for the LOGO WINDOW

    4. Press the IMPORT BUTTON (third button from left) and then IMPORT the BMP file from your DESKTOP

    5. The code will be written automatically. You just need to drag and drop wherever you want

    the graphics to be.


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    • Former Member


      I got a similar problem, first at all, i load the pics already, but when i print it, the withe background of the pic go to a "white dirty" background... i dont know how manage that

      if u can help me


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    May 09, 2007 at 08:07 AM



    In the INCLUDE statement you can use a variable for the graphics and the value of this variable (standard text name for the graphics) can be derived in your print program.

    The same way works for the BITMAP command.

    INCLUDE &w_bitmap& .....



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    May 09, 2007 at 11:51 AM

    send me ure mailid and i can send u a doc for that

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