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May 09, 2007 at 04:40 AM

How to display the Footer on Last Page.



Their are only 2 windows on my Smartform - MAIN Window and FOOTER Window.

I have a requirement where I need to display the FOOTER window only on the last page after the MAIN Window. But all other pages except the last page should not contain the FOOTER Window.

Now the size of the the MAIN Window should be like it should cover full page on all pages except the Last page. And on Last Page the size of the MAIN Window should be reduced so that it also accommodate the FOOTER Window on Last Page.

I do not know how to reduce the size of the Main Window dynamically only on Last page.

I have tried to use the logic of firing the new Page using the COMMAND node but the problems I have faced here is:

1.) I am not able to determine which is second Last page as the Last Page is determined by SAP only after it writes all the data in the form. In fact SAP itself does not know which is the last page until it writes all the data. So at runtime I am unable to determine the second last page.

2.) Smartform fires the New page as soon as it encounters the COMMAND node. But my requirement is that the New PAge should only be fired after the Processing of the second last page finishes.

If someone has done this earlier, Please tell me how to achieve this.