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May 08, 2007 at 02:55 PM

Stock trans order


Hello Guru

i have senario

it is stock trsfer order

in my scenario, is when materail is transfer from ME10 plant to ME01 Plant whithin

company code with movement type 301it is all automatic through Progaram >or interface

when progaram run(perticular progaram) materail is trnasfer from ME10 to ME01 automaticaly till last month , suddenly this month the client had trnsfer materail from

ME10 by program , But materail will go to ME11 Plant

He has given Me Materail no , Document No ,my query is how to find which progarm he has exucuting , i ask for client he don't know program name, it is my responsibility is that which progarm he may run .I want search program but unable to find that progarm

i checked in display mode of materail document, plz tell me based on materail doc , or materail how to find which progam he may run, if i found that esily tell him that this is

u had change in progarm.....plz help me

I search in MB11 t code also