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MDG 9.0 - ERP vendor UI - Guide to add more search attributes to the enterprise search of vendor

Jun 21, 2017 at 04:31 PM


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Hi Gurus,

Is there any config guide that helps us to add more fields to the search criteria's in MDG 9.0 Vendor search.

Right now the search is based on the address data.

I want to include the tax data to the search.

This is for MDG 9.0 and ERP vendor UI is the one I'm using.

Thanks in Advance

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2 Answers

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Rohit Singh Jun 28, 2017 at 12:59 AM

Hi Vishwa,

If you want to add your own Custom Search Method: you can do that by doing that in 'IMG Activity : Define Search Application'.

Search Mode: DB and provide your own Z search help eg: ZTAXHELP.

Create the Configuration of FPM_SEARCH_UIBB. eg: ZBS_BP_TAX

Provide the Standard Feeder Class :CL_BS_BP_GUIBB_DQUERY in your configuration.

Under Parameter Section, provide below parameters

Component: BUPA

Dyn Query Name: BP_DynamicQueryMDGProviderRoot

Execution Mode: On GUIBB-Specific Button Event

Selection Mode: Multi

Search Mode:DB

Incl.SearchHelp: ZTAXHELP

Add the Search Criteria that you want to addNow:-

Enhance the Component Configuration : BS_OVP_SP_VL. Add your SearchUIBB by addign the same parameter

Search Mode:DB

Incl.SearchHelp: ZTAXHELP



Also make sure, to show the Search Parameter in the Custom Search Method Config, Don't forget you make you custom class using CL_MDG_BS_ECC_HANDLER as Super class.

Redefine the below methods to have you functionality done-



If you want to add just a Tax Parameter in the Standard Search Method.

Try to add your own search parameter in CL_MDG_BS_ECC_HANDLER class by doing a Post-Exit of Method GET_QUERY_PROPERTIES and make them visible in the Search Config specific to Address Data.

Hope you will understand the process by understanding above steps.

I do not have any documentation for this.


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Former Member Feb 16 at 02:34 PM

Hi Rohit,

I have followed all your steps but when i click on the custom search help, It is only taking the default search address search help MC_BP_ADDRESS and showing that component configuration and not my custom one, Could you please tell,how can we make custom component configuration to appear when clicked on custom search help.



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Hi Ragav,

Steps that we need to follow:-

1) Maintain Custom Search Help to Search Application in 'IMG Activity : Define Search Application'.

2) Create the Custom Configuration of FPM_SEARCH_UIBB with your Search Parameters.

3) Enhance the Standard Component Configuration to add your Custom Search UIBB.

4) Create your custom handler by creating your Z class and making CL_MDG_BS_ECC_HANDLER as super class.

5) Link this custom handler by providing 1 entry in View: V_MDG_BS_BP_HDL (SM30) with data model 'BP'.

6) Redefine all the methods of your custom class with blank Code ( No need for Super).

7) Redefine these methods for your functionality

IF_MDG_BS_BP_ACCESS_HANDLER~GET_QUERY_PROPERTIES -This method will bring all the Search Parameters in the Custom Search

IF_MDG_BS_BP_ACCESS_HANDLER~EXECUTE_QUERY. - This method will execute the Custom Search depending upon new parameters list.

Get the hint from Standard class to implement these methods. Surely you would get your Search. Hope you will get your desired results.



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Thank you Rohit, The issue was resolved by updating the communicator settings for our custom search component in standard component configuration BS_OVP_SP_VL and then the search criteria got displayed in custom search