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Pipeline vs Expected value and revenue

Jun 26, 2017 at 03:18 PM


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Former Member

What is the difference between the 3 following key figures in C4S?:

- Pipeline
- Expected Revenue
- Expected Value

I pull these in reports with the same selections and have different numbers. I have tried to find information under the key figures but do not have access to edit or see details on these.

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2 Answers

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Former Member Jun 27, 2017 at 05:11 AM

Thank you Prasanth.

Adding my understanding as well.

These key figures are available in these 2 objects in User Interface.

Account Level:

  • Active Pipeline = Cumulated weighted value of all opportunities for this account with status Open / In Process.
  • YTD Revenue = The Revenue that has been generated from this Account [Opportunities in Won Status] for this Year [up to Date]

Opportunity Level:

  • Expected Value = Sales Person estimates the value of the Opportunity and given manually.
  • Probability = The probability of winning this opportunity
  • Weighted Value = Probability % * Expected Value
  • Status

For Example:

Account: ABC Inc.. has 3 Opportunities in the current year.



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Prasanth Sarma Aryasomayajula
Jun 27, 2017 at 02:13 AM


YTD Revenue = Cumulated expected value of all opportunities for this account with status won and close date = this year

Active pipeline = Cumulated weigthed value of all opportunites for this account with status open or in process

Expected Revenue (or Weighted Revenue if you prefer) is the Opportunity Amount multiplied by the Probability. That gives a dollar value for each Opportunity.

Add up the currency for all your open deals and you have the Expected Revenue for each month or quarter.

When the Expected Revenue is calculated on a realistic basis, sales manages know where they stand in relation to future sales targets.

Expected Value (Average) Represents the expected average value of all opportunities that are in status Open or In Process

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Former Member

Thank you both for the response.

That was my assumption,however, this is where I am getting confused.

I have pulled a report that compares the pipeline between current and the last day of the previous month-this is a SAP created report and the only key figure available is the Expected Revenue.

I have both current and past values shown- both with the total amount of the opportunity, even though the opportunity is at 30%. Shouldn't it be showing 30% of the opportunity value (as the weighted value shows)?