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SDCCN Maintenance Package Get License Data : switched off

Jun 26, 2017 at 01:16 PM


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Good afternoon,

I have read Note 1533350 and 1280664.

But I have not found the root cause of my problem.

In SDCCN, If I run a get license data, licenses are updated.

If I run a Maintenance Package, licenses are never update.

In the log, there is the following message:

"Get License Data : switched off"

Would you know where is this switched off and how I can switch it on?


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Bartosz Jarkowski Jun 26, 2017 at 03:26 PM

What about note 1280664?

"The "Maintenance Package" task in transaction SDCCN is scheduled daily and the log does not deliver any error concerning the retrieval or installation of the license file in SLICENSE. Check if the settings in transaction SDCCN of the managed system are correct. Choose "Goto-> Settings -> Task-specific". On the screen displayed, choose "Maintenance->Settings" and the "License Data" tab. The "Repeat every" value determines whether the license management in the "Maintenance Package" task or in the "Get License Data" task (as of ST-PI 2008) is actually carried out. Set the value to "1" -> "day(s)" (once a day). If the "Get License Data" tab page is no longer available, the system carries out the license management in the "Maintenance Package" task" each time the task is run."

Best regards


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Good morning Bartosz,

You pointed the correct problem.

In my case, the value was set to 0.

But doing what you said was not sufficient in my case.

After setting it to 1, I still had the problem on each restart.After deleting and recreating a new task,

it worked.

Thanks for your answer.


Great. I'm glad I could help. Please mark the question as answered that other people can benefit.

Best regards