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Jun 26, 2017 at 12:03 PM

Real Time Consolidation: Intercompany Elimination


Hi Folks,

We are working on RTC (1610 SP01) and we have a problem with the elimination of Intercompany. We are running the task in the consolidation monitor but the system does not insert the elimination adjustments.

1) Business case:

The company ZT02 has IC revenues to the company SLE0 and the company SLE0 has IC costs to the company ZT02:

2) Figures in S/4Hana and BPC:

ZT02 revenues to SLE0 (adjustment in the transaction FB01) and

SLE0 costs to ZT02 (adjustment by journal of BPC):

Summary of the Figures in Local Currency and G_NONE by the transaction “listcube” on the Composite provider:

3) Currency Translation (currency translation in BPC and not directly in S/4Hana):

In consolidation monitor we executed the task “currency translation” without errors:

The figures for EUR in the group G002 are OK:

4) Intercompany elimination:

Customizing of Business rules "IC Elimination":


Ownership account:

Entity and Account details:

AuditID details:

We executed the task of IC Elimination but the system does not write the elimination adjustments. The task in the consolidation monitor is OK (the status is green), but we did not find figures with the specific auditID (IC_ELIM). Any suggestions?

Thank you for your help.



fb01.jpg (50.9 kB)
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summary1.jpg (96.8 kB)
summary2.jpg (159.1 kB)
ownership.jpg (86.7 kB)
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auditid.jpg (107.1 kB)