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Adding Field in XD02 screen to display the data from KNA1 table

Jun 23, 2017 at 08:26 PM


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To create a screen field in XD02 screen in order to Display the value fetched from KNA1 table ,

kindly suggest the exit or BADI for the same.

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Jürgen L
Jun 24, 2017 at 06:00 AM

the state code is nothing else than the region which is in the address screen, see OSS note 2441042 - GST India: Maintenance of State Codes

Don't develop anything yourself, except it is explicitly explained in one of the 190 OSS notes which already exist for GST India, and this number is rising every day.

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Thank you for your time, Yes there is already a field for region, our client uses the region field for an already existing classification. The state code is needed for legal reporting purposes only, since the state code has a different number identification we are unable to use region code for the same.

As mentioned in the note:

"If you already have existing state codes (Which are not as per Indian Cencus or ISO Definition) maintained in your system and they are getting used in the address masters, then please do not update/change the existing state codes. As the purpose of the census specific codes are more relevant in the GST reporting part, for which SAP will be providing BAdI where you can correct the mapping but this will be delivered as a part of ASP Product (which is a chargeable licensed product)."

We need to know if any enhancement option available so that we may include a new customized field under the region field in the existing standard screen.

Thanks again for the help,



A new z-field can be added, no doubt, how to do this is plenty times explained here in the community. ( Google returns more than 2000 results for this search term: add z-field customer master

But just adding a field in a customer master is not really getting you further, you also need to have coding to edit this field and even more important you need coding to make use of this field in other programs.

And probably anybody uses the region field more or less in his business partner addresses. The very important information is put in brackets, you should read it better this way "state codes which are not as per Indian Cencus or ISO " . Are your state codes really different from that definition? did you define your own state codes in the past?

Review the process to know where your region is currently used and how and make up your mind if you really can't exchange it to meet the Cencus (in case yours are different)

Jürgen L
Jun 23, 2017 at 08:57 PM

About what field are you talking? Why is a BADI needed? KNA1 is the standard customer table, what is in there should be displayed already based on the customizing of field selection.

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Hi ,

For GST Requirement our client requires new field called Sate Code which contains the state which their customer belong ,so they want to add one field called state code in customer master table & key in that data ,

Now we have to display the contents in statecode field in XD02 screen based on customer number entered on that field.,Iam unable to find he sscreen exit for that package,

Kindly suggest me BADI to add one field to XD02 screen to diplay the state code.