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Former Member
May 08, 2007 at 04:22 AM

Worning in for all entries


My code is following :

  SELECT  NOMTK NOMIT sityp docind docnr docitm
          valuationtype_o   valuationtype_d    locpt
          FROM oijnomi
          INTO TABLE lt_oijnomi
          WHERE locpt NE 0.

check lt_oijnomi is not empty.

  select oihantyp FROM ekpo
                  INTO table lt_oihantyp
                  for all entries in lt_oijnomi
                  where ebeln = lt_oijnomi-docnr
                  AND ebelp = lt_oijnomi-docitm+1(5).

now i am getting a worning in the last line of the second select query which is written in german.

Can you please tell me is "AND ebelp = lt_oijnomi-docitm+1(5)" in the last line is allowed in case of for all entries. Becayse this select is not showing working if i am not using for all entries.

can this worning effect in my logic ??