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May 07, 2007 at 06:53 PM

SNP PPM Generation from PPDS PPM - Time less than 1 sec. in snp bucket con


Dear All,

Request immediate help .

(a) My PPDS PPM have time elements less than 1 seconds towards processing time and there are operations without a set up time .

(b) While converting such a PPM PPM into an SNP PPM I get an error of bucket consumption as SNP cannot convert less than 1 second into a daily bucket .

(c) I have to maintain the base qty in BOM and Routing as 1 unit hence cannot increase the same .

(d) Is there a way in which SNP PPM can be generated from a PPDS PPM wherein the PPDS PPM has only a processing time of 1 second and no set up time .

(e) Infact I have tried to convert the PPDS PPM with a time of 1.5 seconds but now I have lot of products where the routing suggests a processing of less than 1second and no set up . This is leading to a PPDS PPM of time less than 1 second and SNP PPM is not getting generated as guess it cannot convert a PPDS PPM with less than 1.5 seconds in a day .

Would appreciate a quick response .

Thanks and Best Regards ,

Prashant Kumar