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Jun 23, 2017 at 08:07 AM

SAP UI Interface - Change Request Frame in Edit mode ?


Hi all,

i'm trying to develop an MDG UI interface that get a file from local machine and upload file content in custom DB table.

I created a new data model from existing one, i modified it according to the new requirements properly. I can run the application(image 1), but, when I click on New button --> the frame of the change request appears, then the Change Request will be generate. So i can continue with my operations ... after that I would submit the changes.

I'm seeing that my Change Request Frame has Grey background color (image B1):


Looks like change request frame is not in Edit Mode but in Display Mode. In fact, after SUBMIT, the Change request will have Status '02' (pending) and not '05' (approved) in table USMD120C. So data not uploaded in DB Table...

Conversely, the existing one interface (used for deep-copy) has White background color (image B2), and then no problem after SUBMIT (data uploaded in DB table, Change request Status '05').


do you have some suggestions?



b1.jpg (115.2 kB)
b2.jpg (109.8 kB)