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May 07, 2007 at 08:21 AM

Using Custom Enumerations in WebDynpro


Good morning,

i need a little hint for the following situation:

i created a entity service using a custom enumeration as an attribute. running this entity service in the CAF- Testtool the entries of the custom enumeration are displayed as expected, but...

i would like to use this custom enumeration inside a webdynpro without using the standard CAF webdynpro patterns, like object browser, object link etc...

when i create a DropDownbyKey and bind the datasource on a context node which has the type of my custom enumeration the following error occured.

How can i bind or access my custom enumeration inside the webdynpro runtime?

I am very grateful (awarding points 😉) for any help.

Thanks Jens

The initial exception that caused the request to fail, was: SimpleType can't be created from xmlMap {SimpleType={ExternalRepresentation={uppercase=false, defaultValue=, maxExternalLength=0, readOnly=false, translateFlag=false, format=}, baseTypeName1=, typeKind=SimpleType, baseTypeName=, Hint={softwareLanguage=java, languageDataType=com.siemens.poc.customtypes.Group}, backendName=, TextObject={locale=, quickInfo=Group, docuUrl=, fieldLabel=Group, description=, columnLabel=Group}, prefix=com.siemens.poc.customtypes, classRepresentation=true, SchemaType={totalDigits=0, minExclusive=, maxLength=100, maxExclusive=, minLength=0, length=0, fractionDigits=0, maxInclusive=, minInclusive=}, builtInType=string, name=Group}}

    ... 41 more