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Calculated column in Graphical view cast to wrong data type causing joins to fail

Hi All,

Can anybody help me understand why HANA is behaving wrong for the following case.

1. In a Graphical Calculate view, created a calculated column which checks for null value and returns 0 when null or the actual column value of type BIGINT.

2. The runtime object in _SYS_BIC is getting Decimal data type, which is causing issue in the joins when used in other views. When I choose data type as Integer it is conversting correct. However, I need it in BIGINT format.

3. Cannot use in join column. Please note that this error has occured when refactored the view to new package. Ironically the view in old package get deployed with any errors and I can also see the data.

4. I have tried, deleting the _SYS_BIC runtime views and deploy, dint work.

5. Workaround by casting the calculated columns to "Double" and return type as Double. The view was sucessfully activated and can see type as expected.

SAP HANA Studio Version: 2.2.13


- Why is the above formula data type is decimal although it is defined as BIGINT.?

- If there is any resolution to resolve this issue?

Thank you for your help.


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2.png (2.4 kB)
3.png (13.6 kB)
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