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How to mapping response message with same fields name in jdbc receiver adapter

Jun 22, 2017 at 08:12 AM


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hi ,experts.

I have a problem about jdbc receiver adapter. I want to query data from 3rd system database.I used SOAP-JDBC adapter to do this interface , and it seems work fine.Problem occurs when it comes to the response message.

The SQL syntax is below:

select t1.*,t2.* from JIS_TOD_SAP_TITLE as t1 left join JIS_TOD_SAP_MESSAGE as t2 on t1.Lelve_1_GUID=t2.Lelve_1_GUID

Both tables have some fields with same field name and different value,i need both of these fields values,when i get the XML fromat response message from receiver jdbc adapter,same field name tags with different values in it.But how can i define a Data Type with same field names in IR.

I'll be appreciate if someone give a solutions!

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Evgeniy Kolmakov Jun 22, 2017 at 09:49 AM

Hi Zhu!

First of all, using Select * in SQL query is not the good practice.

Use the following syntax instead:

Select a.field1 as field1_a, b.field1 as field1_b

Regards, Evgeniy.

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Hi Evgeniy!

I used select * because i need all those fields in that table.I changed the SQL systax as you said and it worked.Thank you very much.