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May 07, 2007 at 05:51 AM

Warning Error in Program - When assigning one field to another


Hi All,

I have a report program in ECC 6.0:

data: gv_valuepart(960) type c,

wa_bapi_te_wbs_element type bapi_te_wbs_element.

wa_bapi_te_wbs_element = gv_valuepart.

Here in structure bapi_te_wbs_element, I have the include CI_PRPS.

In third line of my code above in assignment operation(=) I am getting the following Warning Message:

The assignment or the comparison might not be allowed after a structure enhancement.

This frequently occurring case is referred to as "container programming". A structure is inserted into a longer character type single field. If this structure can be flatly enhanced, it is very likely that an enhancement will result in non-character-type components being inserted into the field and this would cause a syntax error.

Troubleshooting: This warning is triggered because the data type can be flatly enhanced. In SE11, you can assign this data type a lower enhancement category than "can be flatly enhanced".

For further information on possible structure enhancements with regard to checks in Unicode programs, see Handling Structure Enhancements

I am not able to resolve this Warning.

I feel this warning is somehow related to the new Enhancement Category concept introduced from ECC 5.0

Anybody know how this warning can be removed?