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May 07, 2007 at 05:52 AM

Modifying SC before transfer to Backend



Keywords: SRM 5.0, Classic, BBP_CREATE_BE_RQ_NEW

We want to be able to NOT transfer certain line items of SC to the Backend (R/3). That is, we do not want the line items to be created in the requisition that is created in the Backend (R/3).

Suppose a SC has 5 line items and two of the line items have a Product Category of “X”. When the SC is approved and a requisition is created in the Backend (R/3), the two line items with “filtered” and the requisition that is created in R/3 will only have three line items.

I know that there is the BAdI BBP_CREATE_BE_RQ_NEW, but I am not sure how I would implement the BAdI to meet my requirement.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.