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May 07, 2007 at 05:48 AM

Re-import RFC - no errors, but no new data


We changed a structure used by an RFC in CRM for web dynpro report - added an addtional field (type char20) to be displayed in existing tableview.

This is what I did:

1) Re-imported the model. The new field showed up in the model.

2) In Component Controller used by the existing view I added a new model attrib, linked it to both the in and out structures.

3) Added column to tableview, created cell editor for the textview and mapped text to <controller>.<fld_name> as with the other existing columns.

Redeployed new build, the old columns still display the data but the new col is never populated. I can reference the new col with java code, everything looks correct, checked the actual records the RFC is grabbing and values are actually there for that attribute, still nothing but nulls in the new column.

Fairly new with dev studio and this is the first time we changed a structure on an RFC. Did I miss something? Or is there a way I can debug this?

Note: We did restart the J2EE after the re-import. I even tried checking activity in, wiped out my workspace directory and recreated the DC and project.

All the old data is there as before ... but the new col is blank on all rows.

Also, I see a lot of users were getting errors after a re-import, I never got any after the server as restarted so I am hoping I don't have to delete the model from the project and manually rebuild it. (the table in the view has a LOT of columns in it)

Any help is appreciated ...