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No soup, err, comments for you?

Jun 21, 2017 at 05:29 PM


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Just had to register a new account and apparently I can ask or answer a question or post a comment on a blog. But commenting in CC or in a question - "computer says no".

In Coffee Corner:

Who is this "system administrator" and how am I supposed to contact them?

In the questions Comment link is disabled but apparently I can answer:

What sense does it make?

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And how, dear "new" Jelena, did you get past "pre-moderation" so quickly? :)


No idea. I'm actually almost disappointed. Was expecting for this to sit in moderation for days and then complain about it in a blog post ("Are you there, SCN?" - turning this into a franchise). :) Darn.

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Jerry Janda
Jun 22, 2017 at 08:58 PM

Hi, Jelena:
I was digging into this one when I noticed that Dedi was discussing with you in your Coffee Corner conversation:
At this point the answer is: "Your new s-user automatically is under moderation for the first 3 days in our Q&A system. That is a build in moderation feature we use for every new user"
But...that triggered an entirely new conversation about how experienced members are treated when they need to re-register.
You had suggested moving that conversation to another thread. Did you mean here or a new Coffee Corner conversation?

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Jerry, I believe the issue here is that it is:

(1) illogical to send questions and answers into pre-moderation while disallowing completely comments in discussions / questions and allowing comment in the blogs (if I was a spammer I'd use blog comments, if I'm a newbie what harm would I do by posting a comment in CC?)

(2) the message says "contact your system administrator".

Regarding (1) if you want to pre-moderate everything - fine. But then make it consistent. Although TBH this experience made me think that pre-moderation may need to be done away with or relaxed a lot.

Regarding (2) this verbiage is included in pretty much any standard message in SAP and I guess we all become so immune to it that don't even notice that it is utter nonsense. You are telling me to do what I cannot possibly know how to do. Who is "system administrator"? How would I contact them? Either include the actual contact information or don't tell me to contact a non-existing person.

This specific issue is just one part of the new user experience, which is a much larger discussion. As I mentioned in CC, I'm just too mad right now to talk about it rationally.

Thank you!


Hi, Jelena:

Gonna take a chance and assume you aren't as mad (at least about this)...

I agree with both points. It would be hard for anyone to disagree.

I have since learned a few things...and have some additional information to share.

1) Since blogs and QA run on different solutions, that's why we have an issue with the inconsistency. I agree that it should be the same for both, and (to your point) we have seen spam in blog comments.

2) Although Dedi and I had reported that new members need to wait 3 days for moderation, in actuality, the time was reduced to 24 hours. I realize that's still a bad experience...but some pre-mod is required (although, again, it should be consistent).

3) The "contact your system administrator" is embarrassing. We're working on getting that message changed.

4) Although not mentioned here, the topic of "welcome letter" did come up related to this discussion. I had worked on a welcome letter shortly before the transition to SAP Community. Since people now register for (not SCN), the welcome email for new registrants covered a few topics -- SAP Community being fairly prominent. I'm trying to find out why this email is no longer sent...and working to make sure new members do get a message guiding them.

Best regards,


Denis Konovalov
Jun 21, 2017 at 06:27 PM

system administrator in this case is the ghost in the machine that is running this thing.
I think its safe to report this as a bug.

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