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May 05, 2007 at 10:21 PM

LSMW upload of Thai characters uploaded incorrectly as '#####'



I‘m using LSMW to upload data in Thai language. However the Thai characters are uploaded as ‘####’.

I uploaded using LSMW to upload customer master as follows

- file uploaded is a tab delimitted (.txt) unicode file

- SAP gui ‘character set’ is set to ‘Thai TIS620’

- I logon in language ‘EN’ using codepage 1100

- SAP release is 620 for SAP ABAP & BASIS and release 470 for SAP APPL

Logging onto SAP using codepage 8600(Thai codepage) did not make any difference.

Doing all of the above with SAP gui ‘character set ‘Simplified Chinese GB2312’, I was able to upload chinese characters into SAP succesfully

Just wondering if any special Thai codepage, character set, technical settings is required as part of Thai installation(I'm not a Basis expert).

Has anyone sucessfully uploaded Thai characters into your SAP system?

Thanks for any tips and informations.

Best regards, Yong Yong