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Former Member
May 05, 2007 at 04:34 PM

link task - workflow container


Hello, It seems that I have a problem with the binding between a task and the workflow-container. But I'll describe my problem and hope there's someone out there with a solution :

I created the object zbus2083, with supertype bus2081(MMInvoice). I added an attribute 'goedkeurder'.

I created a new method, which searches the value, change it into 1, and writes it back to the container (using swc_set_element container...)

this method works fine when I link it to a task, but the problem occurs with the binding. When I define only the binding from workflow to task, there's no problem. But when I define also the binding from the task to the workflow there occurs an error and the workflow stops.

The definition of the binding workflow - task is &zbus2083& -> &_wi_object_id&

and the other way around (The definition of the binding workflow - task is &zbus2083& <- &_wi_object_id&)

please help ! 😊