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Date type field in WF Decision Task displays as garbage


I have a custom decision task (copy of the generic decision) where I want to print a date field from the WF container, among some other fields. The problem is that a DATUM or DATS-type field shows up as garbage in the Task description in My Inbox (and also in backend inbox SBWP). For example, the value 26.6.2017 shows up like this:


The date value is fetched in a custom method, passed on to a DATS type export parameter (also tried DATUM) and then bound to the WF container. From there I bind it to the decision task's container. Here is the relevant bit of the WF, you can see the approval task there:

Binding to the approval decision task:

The value is shows up correctly in the WF and Task container in the Technical log:

The expression in the task description is done like this:

Date: &LDATE&


It's interesting that the same date variable displays correctly when it's used in the task title!

Any ideas where/why the unwanted formatting is taking place?

Thanks & br, Ossi

wf1.png (22.8 kB)
wf2.png (25.9 kB)
wf4.png (1.6 kB)
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1 Answer

  • Aug 09, 2017 at 10:19 AM


    HEIS29YR 6MO26DY  : He is 29 Years 6 Months 26 Days Old. :-)

    looks like some kind of transformation is happening. Check if there is any instructions are given in the binding definition. Please click on the dark solid arrow available in the binding definition between workflow and task container. as Shown below:

    It's interesting that the same date variable displays correctly when it's used in the task title!

    Then some instruction or transformation might have been provided between the task and method container. As you can clearly see that from workflow to task container their might not be anything. But there could be instruction between Task and method container binding definition.

    check the instruction page between task and method container.

    Thanks, Pavan

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    • Hi Pavan!

      Thanks for the good tip. I hadn't thought of this yet!

      The bindings are all by default like this, I haven't touched them:

      Would the Container->Container binding work better?

      I guess I have two options:

      1. Read the date to a text field.

      2 Try to bind the date directly from the "REQ" object container's items_tab. The issue there is that the ITEMS_TAB can have either 1 or 2 lines depending on the type of the time event (INS/DEL or MOD). I would have to add some processing to determine which date is the right one. This was why I originally decided to read the date to my own container element (in a method as first step) and use it in the decision task.

      br, Ossi

      binding.png (14.7 kB)