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Former Member
May 04, 2007 at 05:01 PM

uploading par files does not work


Hi All,

It would be of great help if someone could help me at the earliest.

I have installed NWDS version 2.0.12 in my machine along with the J2EE engine. I wanted to try out some pdk examples but when I upload the .par file it says "connection refused to server machine1", where machine1 is the name of my stand alone machine.

I did a default installation, and I gave the following details in the Window -> Preferences -> SAP Enterprise portal area

alias: machine1

host: machine1

port: 50000

login: j2eadm

I have also unchecked the proxy settings.

When I try http//machine1:50000/index.html in the browser, I get a page with links System Information, UDDI client, User Management, etc. But I cannot deploy PAR files. Is there any other way to deploy the PAR files in a stand alone installation?

When I try http//machine1:50000/irj/portal in the browser, it also does not open anything, does it mean that I have some installation issues? If I get this URL working, I think I can upload the PAR file via "Content Administration" right?

Looking forward to hearing from you,