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May 04, 2007 at 03:24 PM

Original Budget posting (CJ30) using KBPP_EXTERN_UPDATE_CO



I've been trying to update the Original Budget (transaction CJ30) using the function module KBPP_EXTERN_UPDATE_CO in R/3 4.7. I have managed to get the Cost and Revenue Planning (CJ40/CJ42) data in successfully using this function module, but cannot get the Budget (activity KBUD) to work correctly.

Whichever way I order the WBS elements in the BPAK table, whether I commit all the records at once or singley, whether I have the I_CHECK_PLAN_DATA parameter on or off, I always end up with a bunch of "Overall budget less than distributed budget" errors.

Is anybody who has successfully updated the Original Budget using this function module able to give me some pointers (or even a snippet of code that works!) I have implemented all the OSS notes that I could find relating to this functional module, and as I said I've managed to get the Cost and Revenue Planning working perfectly. I have read and re-read note 625613 to see if I've missed anything, but I can't find any obvious errors.

Many thanks in advance,