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May 04, 2007 at 03:18 PM

Tax Procedures and MM pricing procedures


Currently when creating a PO under the invoice tab you can input the Tax code and jurisdiction code.

The tax code I am using is set up for a Canadian Tax procedure (TAXCAJ).

The procedure is calling two tax condition types JC1E (GST) and JC1I (PST). They are both condition class D and they are the same accross other statistics but they differ in condition category. JC1E is condition category 1 and JC1I is condition category 2.

JCIE uses account determination VST while JC1I uses NVV. JC1E needs to be posted to a seperate account as it is partially recoverable.

The real underlying issue here is that tax condition type JC1I comes accross to teh MM condition tab under NAVS but JC1E does not. I need the value from JC1E to come over to the conditions tab as my PO print is driven by this.

Any ideas how to get tax condition type JC1E (or its value) over to the conditions tab. I can make JC1E come over with JC1I but i need JC1E seperate. If you need clarification or more information just let me know.